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Offshore support

As offshore wind farm construction and maintenance continues to expand, reliable and efficient transportation and survey services become increasingly essential. Braveheart Marine can be your trusted partner for high-speed transport and survey services during the construction and upkeep of wind farms at sea.

Your reliable partner

At Braveheart Marine, we have extensive experience in providing a range of services for the offshore wind industry, including transportation, installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM). Our fleet of vessels is fully equipped to support your wind farm operations, and we offer a variety of services, including hydrographic survey, crew tender, and transportation of equipment and resources. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest yield, and we are happy to showcase the benefits of working with Braveheart Marine.

Offshore vessels for wind farm support

Braveheart Marine offers a fleet of vessels for offshore and nearshore work at wind farms. We provide reliable and efficient transportation, crew transfer, and equipment delivery to support the construction and maintenance of wind turbines at sea. Contact us to learn more about how our vessels can assist you.

Safety in offshore support

Safety is a top priority during offshore support operations, as they often involve high-risk activities in harsh marine environments. At Braveheart Marine, we have established a comprehensive safety management system to ensure that all our offshore support services are conducted in a safe and efficient manner. Our crew members undergo regular safety training, including training on the use of safety equipment and procedures for emergency situations. We are familiar with risk assessments prior to any offshore support operations and continuously monitor safety conditions throughout the project. Our commitment to safety helps us maintain the highest standards of quality and ensure the successful completion of our projects.

Our offshore support services

Please find below a list of our most commonly utilized services. However, should you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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