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A Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Safety at Braveheart Marine

Braveheart Marine has safety as priority number one on each of our vessels as well as on-shore. We expect  everyone working on board of our vessels as well as our own technical department to take their responsibility to handle their jobs in a safe and sound way. We are proud of the quality of our crew and personnel, who are the foundation of our company. Our commitment is to provide our clients with proper service that guarantees the safe and confident completion of their projects.

Encouraging safe behavior and highlighting the importance of personal safety as well as the safety of our coworkers, will help to create a safe work environment. Our fleet varies from in-shore, near-shore to off-shore vessels, each with their own safety requirements. Braveheart has integrated one safety administration system on all our vessels, where not only safety requirements, yet also maintenance and certification is registered on board and supervised in the office by a class approved program. 


To meet the international standards for safety, quality, health and environmental aspects within the maritime industry, Braveheart Marine complies with the International Safety Management Code (ISM). Our Braveheart Spirit is SMC, ISSC and MLC certified, the Guardian and Patriot are voluntary SMC certified.  Braveheart has chosen to have her smaller vessels similarly comply with the safety management system in order to guarantee one high standard throughout the company.

Our corporate mission is to establish an optimal relationship among all stakeholders and uphold our values of flexibility, innovation, passion, and commitment. To ensure quality and safety standards, we have implemented a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) that enables us to monitor, maintain and continuously improve our performance.


Braveheart Marine strives to safeguard the natural environment within our capabilities, both in our office and on-location activities. As a family-owned business we do your utmost to handover a healthy sea and earth to our children and the next generations. Braveheart wishes to minimize and  segregate waste where possible and her office building is built sustainably. We strongly encourage all employees to suggest any measures that could enhance our environmental impact positively.

Experience the highest standards of safety at Braveheart Marine

We prioritize the well-being of our crew members through regular training and certifications in compliance with STCW regulations. With ISO9001:2015 and ISM certifications, we ensure the utmost safety and quality for your projects. Trust us to deliver excellence while caring for the environment. Contact us today to discuss your marine service needs and witness our commitment to safety firsthand.

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