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Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry remains a vital source of energy for the world, and offshore rigs, LNG platforms, and pipelines are critical infrastructure that requires the highest level of security and expertise. Braveheart Marine offers a range of services, including hydrographic surveying, tendering, and more, to support your oil and gas projects.

Hydrographic surveying for oil and gas

Safety is paramount in the oil and gas industry, and Braveheart Marine can help ensure a safe working environment by utilizing our hydrographic survey vessels and experienced crews. We provide detailed mapping of the ocean floor to identify any obstacles, soil quality issues, and other potential hazards.

Guard vessel services for oil and gas

Maintaining a safe working environment above water is equally important when constructing pipelines. Our guard vessels ensure that other vessels do not interfere with the work operation, and our skilled crew maintains constant communication while keeping a watchful eye.

Tendering services for oil and gas

If you utilize our survey services, we can also offer you our excellent tendering support. Efficient transportation of personnel, equipment, and supplies is essential for the success of any offshore oil and gas project. Our experienced fleet of vessels is equipped to provide safe transportation services, both nearshore and offshore, with a focus on following strict safety protocols. We operate worldwide and have versatile fleet capable of supporting your offshore operations.

Contact Braveheart Marine for your oil and gas needs

If you need a reliable partner for your oil and gas project, Braveheart Marine is ready to assist. We offer multiple services to support your project and can advise you on the best vessel(s), materials, and crew for the job. Please contact our office to discuss your project scope.

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