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Braveheart Marine USA, Inc. is our USA based company and we are specialized in performing hydrographic survey measurements using our mobile survey equipment set.

T&T Braveheart
We have established a joint venture with T&T Marine Salvage Inc. named T&T Braveheart. The focus of the joint venture is offshore and salvage work surveys and sub sea oil spill detection operations.

Hydrographic measurements can be made using various types of survey equipment.

  • Singlebeam Echosounder
  • Multibeam Echosounder
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
  • Laser Scanner
  • Echoscope
  • ROV
Oil spill detection
Through a partnership with T&T Marine Salvage, a system was developed that is capable of detecting oil in the water column, on the sea floor and below the sea floor. The depth below sea floor is determined by the bottom geography but we were able to detect oil up to seven meters below sand. This system is the first of its kind to successfully detect oil electronically. The T&T Braveheart Team is the first to ever successfully detect oil electronically in the water column, on the sea floor and below the sea floor.

Hydrographic services
Measurements are performed in accordance with current standards and special client requirements. Survey operations are performed with our own vessels. While survey planning, close cooperation with our clients is needed. Important topics must be discussed in order to achieve the specific task.

GEO ICT services
Geo ICT is the processing of hydrographic data. Data processing is done under strict quality control criteria.  Partial data cleaning is already done onboard. Final data processing and plotting are completed at the office. To know how good or how reliable the data is, the accuracy of the results is quoted using data analysis. In order to detect some periodic and random errors, analysis and series of observations are performed.

T&T Braveheart provides operational services, advice and consultancy to the highest possible quality and safety standards, to industries and institutions that require specialist services and advice in the field of maritime services, hydrography and related knowledge.

About T&T Marine Salvage Inc.
T&T Marine is a classified US Coast Guard Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) with operational bases throughout the world. T&T has completed worldwide pollution control services that include underwater bunker/cargo removal, lightering operations and spill response. T&T has a proven track record of responding quickly and effectively to both marine and land-based pollution mishaps. T&T offers worldwide pollution control services that include oil spill recovery and cleanup, hazardous material response and disposal, AMPD coverage, remediation, and sales of equipment and sorbents.